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Please note that articles on this site & any other 'plan4' related web site does not constitute professional advice. All articles are intended to provide a general view of many subjects. We suggest you to consult a solicitor before making any important decisions.  The author is not an expert in any given field.

Telecom plus

Want to know more about Telecom Plus?

If you need information about the company, or you’re thinking of switching to or from Telecom Plus, read on…

Telecom Plus was incorporated in 1996 and began providing services to residential homes in 1997. In addition to providing gas and electricity, Telecom Plus also provides a home telephone service to customers (visit the home telephone calculator on uSwitch.com to find the cheapest deal available for you).

The company was awarded a full Gas Licence in 2001, and received a full Electricity Supply Licence in 2003. Telecom Plus buys electricity, gas and telephone services in bulk from the traditional suppliers, and is therefore able to offer customers cheaper deals. Telecom Plus has a customer base of around 134,000 people, to whom it supplies a range of home services. How can I compare energy suppliers easily?

To find out if you can save money by switching your gas and electricity supply to Telecom Plus (or another supplier), use the online price comparison calculator on uSwitch.

Simply enter in your post code and a few details about your current supplier, and the calculator will search through all existing tariffs to find the best deal for you.

How long will the switch take?

If Telecom Plus (or another supplier) has a better deal than your current supplier, just fill in a couple of pages on uSwitch, and they will do all the hard work for you.

Switches generally take four to six weeks, and you have a cool off period of 7-14 days in case you change your mind. The four to six week period takes into account your current supplier’s 28 day notice period, and allows your new supplier to concurrently set up your new account, resulting in a clean, hassle-free switch.

You won’t experience any loss of supply during the switch; in fact the only differences you’ll notice are the names at the top of your bills, and more money in your bank account! The average customer saves £140 a year when they change their gas and electricity suppliers with uSwitch.

Start saving money today by switching to a cheaper telephone supplier

Home Telephone

Choices available to me We are all familiar with using a telephone but not many of us are aware of the choices available and the substantial savings that can be made by switching suppliers. In the UK there are two types of companies to consider:

Direct Access Companies

These provide a physical telephone line into your home that connects you to the telephone network. Often known as "fixed line" companies, these include British Telecom, Kingston, ntl and Telewest.

Indirect Access Companies

These companies will redirect your calls over their own network but you still have to pay line rental to your direct access company. These include Telecom plus, One-Tel, Planet Talk, Euphony, Alpha Telecom and Swiftcall.

Telecom plus has the added benefit that their telephone customers automatically join their Utility Warehouse savings club which allows the customer to add on additional money savings services to the same bill, the one simple direct debit such as gas, electric & mobile phones for example - saving them even more money right down the line.

Plan4 Group - Consolidating information on the web

Web www.plan4-group.co.uk

Cheap utilities, cheap telephone calls, cheap gas, cheap electric, utility warehouse, & all other utility matters.

An information resources directory (UK based) for busy people who have little time for planning things in their lives.  We all need to 'plan 4' things so let us make your task as easy as possible.  

Please use our carefully selected featured links below to obtain information & quotes for all types of utility matters. This portal  is FREE for anyone to use.

For alternative sources of information please visit our alternative information portals on the left where we have personally selected great value for money products & services - we have done the research so you don't have to.

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Cheap Utilities: We have the UK covered when it comes to cheap utility related web sites. Each website is individually approved before inclusion into the directory. New web sites are assessed and added daily. Whatever utility service you are looking for, you're sure to find it here.


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Featured links

TOPICAL CONTENT...... Deregulation in the UK utility market place has brought down prices & raised confusion at the same time.  In the early days of deregulation especially in the energy sector, mis-selling & confusion marketing was rife with so much bad press it is no wonder your ordinary home owner felt safer with the devil they new even though it was likely costing them more to stay with the big brand name. 

However,  joe public are a little more wary & familiar with the concept of the same pipes or wires delivering a selection of companies energy as varying prices.  The concept is simple to understand if you can just imagine different billing meters on the same set of gas pipes or electrical cables - it's the same stiff coming down the line - it's just about selecting which billing agent you want to send you a bill each month.

Now that the initial flurry of daft mis-selling by some rogue agents has practically gone away you would think it would be easy to assess which company is offering the best deals for maximum saving - if its the same stuff coming down the line irrespective of who bills you then it makes sense to get it for as cheap as you can.

However, what we have in the market place now is an array of split level tariffs that seems to need a degree in science to calculate.  Some companies have a strap line of 'no standing charges' only to find that their cost per unit is the highest in the country. Others have low standing charges for low users but have higher unit rates while at the other end of the scale they have very cheap cost per unit for the higher user only to find a double cost for the standing charge.  

In all honesty, most tariffs will overlap in bands depending upon your usage & there are a mass of cost comparison web sites that are meant to do the maths for you but these again are NOT simple to use & very much reliant upon you the customer pumping in the correct information.

Did you know that most of these comparison web site are actually sponsored (paid for) by a select few energy companies which is why you will vary rarely get two comparison web sites coming up with the same cheapest supplier for your usage - confusion reigns!!  All this is not meant to be doom & gloom for you but to simply tell it like it is - no spin - no hype.

But, for all this, the deregulation circus has been of immense benefit to homeowners & businesses alike. Imagine for a minute what cost you would be paying for your telephone calls if BT were still the monopoly supplier. I can just imagine it - another version of trim phone sat on the side board with a drip feed money supply to your mortgage account for even making an evening local call & having a second line into your home would be seen as very extravagant.

What we have now is a mass of choice, very cheap calls & technology lead hand sets with ever increasing digital speeds that makes communicating a doddle at a fraction of what it used to cost. So I say bring it on...bring it all on & more.  

Having persuaded you that having choice of supplier in the utilities market place, how do you actually find a good overall honest & ethical supplier - one that would allow you to jump ship at a moments notice if you were unhappy without any tie in contract periods - what if there was a supplier that could even consolidate most of your household bills onto one simple account with one simple direct debit that saved you shed loads of money each month - guaranteed!! - without the hassle of checking rates every other month just to make sure you are getting a good deal.

Sounds like the heaven doesn't it. Well let me astound you their is such a company - it's a fully british PLC who has invented the first integrated household billing system in the UK.

Yes you can have cheap telephone calls, the UK's cheapest gas & electric, cheap to run mobile phones, cheap internet connection & even cheap freephone numbers aimed at the domestic market ALL ON THE ONE MULTI-SAVE BILL - No more chasing & checking a whole host of direct debit payment s flying out of your bank account at random during the entire month.  

Let me introduce you to Telecom plus PLC. This company is a customer gathering organisation that bids  in the mass market place for cheap deals. You will belong to the Utility Warehouse savings club & the more services you have with them, the more money you save each year - they even have a loyalty bonus payment system each year - its great!  

WIth no minimum contract periods on any of their standard services their motto is 'Just try it' - if you don't like the savings simply cancel at anytime. It is as simple as that.  

How do you go about getting hold of their literature & services as you have never seen them advertised or in any shops?  Well the beauty of this outfit is that you probably have a local agent already in your street but don't really know it.  

This is because they are the only Utilities company to use the power of word of mouth marketing or referral marketing as they like to call it.  Imagine the savings this company is making by not having expensive advertising or a multitude of over priced high street shops & staff to keep running.  

We fully recommend their services without hesitation.  Use some of the links on this page to find out more about them.

Find a Telecom plus Distributor

About us......
In essence Plan4 comprises a company group and a collection of web sites offering a variety of products and services. But in reality Plan4 is the realisation of a simple business concept that first launched Planning - Approval in 2000.

The concept that has become the cornerstone of Plan4 is simple: "Provide free, easy to use portals that lead users directly to the information they require."

As electronic technology improves the speed at which we can receive information, so too we increase our expectations of that speed. By avoiding heavy loading web sites containing large images, flash presentations and obnoxious audio content we have consistently delivered fast loading sites that get down to the business of delivering information efficiently and accurately. After all, that is what we wanted and correctly assumed that others did too.

We have always made a point of monitoring trends in the various markets that we serve and updating our online offering to keep pace with public demand. As serious internet users ourselves, we are always trying to design things in a way that we would want them. We hope you find our web sites useful and easy to use.


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Roof-Check.co.uk - Have your roof professionally surveyed with estimated costs scheduled for any repairs. Do not rely on roofing contractors opinions who have vested interests. Full written report provided & published on the web.

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Why should I switch?

Get the best deal

The people who come to our site usually want to save money on their household bills. Some are unhappy with their existing supplier but don’t have time to choose a more suitable one or aren’t sure how to switch. Others are keen to know whether they’re getting a fair deal from their supplier and we can give them this information.

Advice you can trust

An increasing number of consumers prefer to deal with utility or phone companies through an independent advisor so they can be assured of an impartial service. Our data comes directly from the supplier companies and government regulators and is continually updated to ensure it is comprehensive and accurate.

It's quick and easy

Switching is easy to do and using one of the many comparison web sites will only take a few minutes of your time. Moving to a new supplier is not risky. Most suppliers are large, trusted companies and all of them are regulated to ensure standards of service.

Is it free to switch?

Yes.  But you are under no obligation to switch when you come to our website. We aim to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about which supplier will best suit your needs.

What’s in it for us?

Most web based comparison companies receive a commission payment from suppliers when customers choose to switch online. These commercial relationships are meant to have no bearing on the ranking of suppliers in the web based calculators but in reality - some firms will pay higher commissions than others as it may not be all that impartial after all.

Why use uSwitch.com?

It is the only place you can get a truly independent and impartial overview of energy, home phone and digital TV tariffs. uSwitch.com has a reputation for providing good service and consumers use our comparison tools time and time again. Our website ranks number 2 in the UK for utilities sector. We receive more visitors than all of the supplier sites except British Gas.

Gas & Electricity

Things to consider before you buy

Why should I switch energy suppliers?
To save money
To get a better service
To get additional services

What is involved in switching my gas and electricity suppliers?

Switching suppliers is simple. The process is as follows:

Compare all of the suppliers and packages using the uSwitch.com calculators or any other web based calculator site. Select the most suitable option and fill in your personal details (these pages are secure).

To compare and sign up takes around five minutes. If you use uSwitch.com will send you an email to confirm the switch. The details are processed and forwarded to the supplier. The supplier will contact you to confirm the date your new service will commence. This takes 28-45 days for an energy switch. Our customer service team is available to help throughout the process. You can contact the uSwitch Customer Service Desk on:

Tel: 0845 601 2856
Fax: 020 7233 5933

Can I really save money by switching energy suppliers?

Yes you can save money. Visitors to uSwitch.com can save up to £170 on their annual electricity and gas bills.

What about service quality?

uSwitch.com has developed an impartial rating system which assesses the quality of service provided by energy suppliers. Each company is measured on their range of services, current and past performance and their record with the regulator. The rankings provide a percentage for each fuel type for each supplier, with 100 per cent being the best and 10 per cent being the worst. To achieve a high rating a supplier must offer a range of services including varying payment methods, call centre support and extras such as green energy tariffs. In addition, they must not have had any actions taken against by regulatory bodies in the previous six months.

Will there be any interruption to my supply?

No. Your new supplier will continue to use exactly the same wires, pipes, and meters as you currently use. Your new supplier will also contact your existing supplier to arrange the transfer of your supply. The only change you will notice is that your bill will come from a different supplier.

What services do energy suppliers offer?

Energy suppliers offer a wide variety of tariffs including online plans, green tariffs and special schemes for the elderly. An increasing number of energy companies also offer home phone services such as Telecom plus.

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